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About - Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida

The Arya Samaj in Noida is established according to the fundamental principles and reform movements of contemporary Hinduism.  Arya Samaj was founded 144 years ago and on 10th April 1875 by Dayanand Sarasvati, a reformer of different character who was also trained in Yoga and Yogic practices. He travelled widely around the country as a preacher and was a vigorous reformist who lost faith in the modern Hindu thoughts and wanted to reestablish earliest Hindu Scriptures, the Vedas and his representations were mostly Post-Vedic originations. 

By status Arya Samaj stands as a Religious Organization and the official name of its status is “Foundation”. It has its headquarters in New Delhi, India and its purpose is to impart religious education, social reforms and spirituality to people who follow Hinduism and otherwise. Its official language is Hindi and its presence is established all over the world without cast, creed and frontiers. Arya Samaj, Noida strictly follow and function on the above said principles and been serving the community in the best laid out Arya Samaji principles and practice.

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